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Here are: 5 Things Men Want That Women Need To Know

5 Things Men Want That Women Need To Know

Sometimes women believe that men only think about sports, beer, and sex. But that is not always true. There are many things that men want women to know. Many women think that all men are the same. Many women believe that always men need to be strong, but no there can be times when a man wants a woman to be strong and leading.

Here are some things that a man wants a woman to know:-
1. We like compliments, too- Just like a woman like to get a compliment, so do men. Men are not used to hearing a compliment, but getting when will surely brighten up their mood.
2. We want you to start the conversation sometimes- Most of the time after a fight, men start the conversation. Even they sometimes want you to start the conversation. They cannot always pick up the cues by a woman.
3. Not replying to messages/texts hurt us, too- Sometimes during or after a fight, women don’t reply to messages or texts and just leave them seen. This can hurt them. Even they want someone to understand them
4. We can’t read your mind- Yes, indeed a man needs to be a little proactive but it is not possible for them to always guess what’s going in your mind.
5. We like shopping with you… sometimes- It’s not always that we hate shopping. There are times when we love shopping with a woman.

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