Tips to overcome fear of relationship commitment

Afraid of Relationship Commitment? These Tips Will Help You Decide

Everyone has a secret crush, but at times we are afraid of commitment. Sometimes it is just due to our past bad experience or what we hear about from people. The fear always makes us worry about our relationship life. We are afraid of getting into a relationship, fearing about break up or short living.

Here are some tips to overcome fear of commitment-

1. Be honest with yourself- Know what you want, know what you find scarier in a relationship.

2. Seek professional help- Sometimes the best way to tackle fear is seeking professional help, it can conclude you on what you want or what you are looking for.

3. Talk about it- Share your fear with your friends or family, they might come up with a solution.

4. Write it down- This may help you decide.

5. Discover the root of fear- Find out whether it’s because of past experience or any other. It can be also because of getting your heart broken.

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