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What To Do If Your Boyfriend Says ‘You Irritated Me’?


Talking to each other in a relationship is quite necessary as it helps you know each other well. That depends on the individual how you see things when your boyfriend says ‘you irritate me’. Some boys may be introvert and that makes them like that, while some get irritated when they start feeling what you talk bores him or when you only talk all about yourself. While sometimes this can also be the sign that he is losing interest in you.

Some males start to feel it boring as they tend to be more and more neutral in a relationship after some time. If your boyfriend says, you irritate him, then here are some tips to deal with it-

1. Examine the claim- Find out whether you are talking in an annoying way or talking excessively.
2. Decide the course of action- If you learn that your way of talking or excessive talking annoys him then bring some changes with your way of talking. If his answer is an invalid reason then stop talking.
3. Stop talking to him- If he doesn’t have a reasonable point, stop talking to him. This does not necessarily mean breaking up. Don’t answer his phone calls or texts, even when you are out, talk to other people around.
4. Repentance- If his apologize or ask for forgiveness then accept him and continue with a good relationship, if not just break up and move on.

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