Is the pandemic affecting your relationship?

Has Coronavirus Affected Your Relationship?

Coronavirus pandemic has affected our relationship in many ways. We are forced to live closer to some people while apart from some. The most affected ones are those in a long-distance relationship. They are unable to meet each other. The only way is video calling. But they are suffering from the strain of physical distance.

Couples in a live-in relationship are benefited due to spending a long time together, while some are facing problems due to frequents fights.

Due to the lockdown, many nations are witnessing a huge number of cases for divorce. Some couples are living together but are unable to give time to each other due to online work.

The lockdown has led to financial stress and a high-pressure environment of confinement and now all this crisis are leading to an increase in marital conflicts.

But not all the relationships are facing problems, some are having a good time together. You can avoid the fights between you by planning an inhouse dinner date, surprising each other with favourite foods, or making them feel special. Keep your workday limited this many avoid many problems as you can spend some quality time together.

If you are having some rough patches in your relationship, you can use these times to make things better.

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