5 Unhealthy Relationship Signs Don't Ever Neglect

Don’t Neglect These 5 Unhealthy Relationship Signs

Appearances are often deceptive. It’s not always the truth of what we see. Some things are to be ended up on time as we start getting signs.

All we want is a healthy relationship. Many of us strive to keep the bond strong, but if it is not meant to be no matter how hard we strive we are unable to keep going with it.

Many people often find it hard as they don’t see the problems and rough patches. People are not able to accept the truth, they often try to neglect.

No relationship ends suddenly there are signs before. Sometimes we try to ignore the signs even after knowing them. While sometimes the things are just in front of us but we fail to see and recognize them.

So here are some signs that you shouldn’t ignore-
1. Dishonesty- Honesty is one of the most important things in a relationship. Trust is the root of a blooming relationship. Deceitful and ambiguous conduct breaks trust. Of course, every one of us lies, but when the same habit of lying goes more than far this starts affecting your relationship. Your partner or you may experience depression or overall loss of self-worth.
2. Controlling behaviour- Controlling someone is just like manipulating them, making them believe that the rules and regulations set are good for their own. Controlling on them or minimizing their autarchy are signs of an unhealthy relationship. the person starts feeling low, and it also leads to a feeling of shame and making the person feel relied.
3. Avoidance- Avoiding may be anything like avoiding the person or the conversation. If your partner starts avoiding anything related to your relationship, it starts you to give signs of unhealthy relationships. Excuses like, “I don’t want to talk on that” or “Better we don’t talk on that” is something that your partner is avoiding the problem and can multiply the issues if not solved on time.
4. Insecurity- Insecurities are with everyone, but a person should not aggravate. Making a person feel too low or making any negative comments frequently can lead them to mental stress.
5. Co-dependency- Co-dependency is just another form of being clingy. A relationship is about something from both the people, but in a co-dependent relationship, one is a receiver while the other is a giver. The giver will undermine the power and authority of their own needs to comply with rules to those of their partner, while the receiver will rely on the partner for support and corroboration.

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