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Read These Early Warning Signs Of A Bad Relationship

Early Warning Signs Of A Bad Relationship

In relationships there are break ups. Many times you get signs that your relationship isn’t working or failing, but you are not clear about the signs. While sometimes you get a niggling sense in the back of your mind that this relationship isn’t for you. But you aren’t really realizing the signs. Here are some signs that you need to know if your relationship isn’t working:

1. A rescued relationship- At times, either of you two would feel good. But the rescuer will later feel the rescued as needy, Helpless and demanding. The one rescued will find itself inferior in the relationship.

2. Avoidance of important issues- The one of you will be least interested in discussing even the important issues.

3. Trust issues- Trust issues are the key reasons for the end of many relationships. Even trust issues are signs of bad relationships. Some people move into a new relationship but are still hurt by the betrayals in the previous relationship.

4. Unsolved prior relationship- Your partner is still calling or responding to their ex for counseling, comfort or any other reason.

5. No interest in spending time- You or your partner are not showing any interest in a relationship. When asked for dates or day out you always avoid them.

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