Continue reading to learn common ways you may be gaslighting yourself and how to start a healthy relationship with your body and spirit.

Find Out How Frequently You Could Be Self-Gaslighting


While some people naturally have a sense of self-worth and affection for themselves, not everyone does. Others grow up with serious body image concerns, while some struggle to develop their sense of value. You may discover that you have some self-destructive tendencies whether you grew up in a dysfunctional environment or had a string of unsatisfying relationships that made you doubt your choices. Read on to learn typical ways in which you may be gaslighting yourself since it is never too late to start a healthy relationship with your own body and spirit.

1. By berating yourself for feeling a certain way

If your upbringing or the influence of your parents caused you to hide discomfort and act as if everything was OK most of the time, you need to take another look at the situation now that you’re an adult.

2. By assuming it’s all in your head and a figment of your overdramatic mind

Sometimes people are informed for too long that they are exaggerating the situation. You start to think that you are overanalyzing things or that it could be all in your brain as a result of this.

3. By letting your past mistakes define your future

We all have the potential to make errors as we move through life. There are many things you can be blaming yourself for, from an essential error at work that cost you a position you liked to an unexpected love that quickly turned toxic.

Therefore, you must accept everything of who you are, including your flaws, and be able to forgive yourself for whatever mistakes you made in the past. So, to prevent gaslighting yourself, always remember to believe your instincts and respect your feelings.

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