Follow these tips to avoid fights in relationship

Follow These Steps To Avoid Fights In Your Newly Built Relationship

Couples find themselves in disagreements, which can easily lead to fights. Fights are often in a relationship. But if the fights are regular you need to avoid some.
Instead of giving up on each other, you can overcome the fights. The struggle is real, but surely there are some ways to stop or avoid fights.

Here are tips to avoid fights:-
1. Immediately take an intentional timeout- When you both are emotionally charged take intentional time out.
2. At the right time give a physical nudge of warmth, like a hug- A physical hug can help you stop the fight by cooling you and also your partner.
3. Listen to your partner’s perspective and acknowledge the hurt you caused- Listen to where your partner felt something that has hurt them.
4. Without pointing fingers share your point- If you are trying to explain your point, do not point fingers at your partner as this may worsen the things.
5. Work together and find a practical solution- Sit and talk about the root cause, find a solution in both of your favour.

Handling the problem in a proper way also sometimes avoids a fight.

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