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Follow This Tips If Your Friend Is Spoiling Your Love Life

Is Your Friend Spoiling Your Love Life? Tips To Follow

Our relationship partner as well as our friend are equally important for us. But sometimes our love life affects our friendship and also our friendship can affect or ruin our love life. Some friends do it intentionally while some unintentionally. The ones who try to ruin our love life are the backstabbers, but sometimes our friends try to ruin love life when they start feeling insecure
about their friendship and when they see your bond with your partner starts growing and when they feel neglected. But there are some ways you can follow to avoid your friend spoiling your love life.

Tips to follow to stop your friend ruining your love life-
1. Don’t report every case with your friend- We often go and share every problem or every little thing between you and your love life. When you share every crisis you are facing in your relationship this creates a bad image in your friend’s eyes without knowing the whole thing. And this may create a bad view of your relationship and they would just rub it into you and you would see your partner as an eyesore who once the twinkle of your eye.

2. Don’t always seek your friend’s advice- Sometimes your friend acts to be a relationship expert and keeps on giving advice like a love guru. He may not know the problem and give you wrong advice that can make your bond with your partner weak and create misunderstandings.

3. Don’t compare your love life to your friend’s- We often compare our relationship to our friend’s relationship, but this would not help your love life in any way. Don’t compare your partner to your friend’s partner and don’t let your friend do so, this would not solve any problems but lead to more problems.

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