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Here are some important tips for those who are shy and want to have a girlfriend in highschool

How To Get A Girlfriend In High School If You’re Shy?

When it comes to dating, some boys find it easy while some find it tricky. Some boys lack the confidence to say it out to a girl while some are shy. When it comes to dating high school girls. You need to play your cards wisely. To get a girl like you, you need to make an impression, keep her hooked, and ask her out with the right amount of confidence.

There are a few steps that will help you to make a girl like you-

1] Getting Her Attention- You need to come into her attention. Being active and standing out can make her notice you.

2] Don’t act confident — be confident- When talking to her, you don’t need to act confidently, you need to have confidence. Acting confident can make you look over-confident.

3] Be fun- When the girl you like is around you, be funny with the people and her around you. Be friends with everyone. Always have a smile on your face.

4] Hang out together during school time- When the two of you start talking. Be friendly to her and hang out together during school time. Ask her about her next lecture or how well did her previous lectures go.

5] Ask for a Date- Once the two of you are good friends, ask her for a date. Ask her about the date in private.

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