Being in a committed relationship in college: Good Or Bad?

Good Or Bad: Being in a committed relationship in college?

College days are the days to explore the world, know and find yourself, and expand your mind. But there are many who are in a relationship right from the college days. Though not all the relationships last, but there are some who are passionate about each other and are willing to be part of each other’s future.

Being in a committed relationship in college, there are some good as well as bad points of it.
Some good things are as follows-
1. You will encourage each other to meet your goals- When you are committed to one another, you will surely want your relationship to last. In times of distraction from your goal, your partner will be your greatest support and strength to keep yourself focused.
2. You’ll always have a travel buddy- If you are together at every point, you will have a great companion for everything you do, party, hangouts, or traveling. And there’s no such a great thing as traveling with your partner.
3. Relationships help you grow as a person- Relationship is something that helps you grow more and understand many things. It completes and nurtures your values and completes you as a person.

Some disadvantages are here-
1. Partying with single friends isn’t the same- You and your single friends have a different life. You have the responsibility of your partner.
2. Distance is hard- If after your graduation you both are separated for educational or work purposes, then it becomes hard to be far and distanced from your partner.
3. Always worrying about what the other is doing- You always keep on worrying about what your partner must be doing, and this may even lead to trust issues.

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