What women want in a relationship, know here

Know what women want in a relationship

What actually women want is to be feel loved by their partner. If we are unhappy we want our man to make us happy. We want our partner to make us feel safe, women want to be protected by their man.

Every girl just wants to trust the strength of their boy. Every women want to be appreciated by their man for the efforts they put in their relationship to make it stronger.

Women don’t need costly gift, they want your precious time, they need loyalty towards them.

Every man thinks sex makes women happy. No every woman is satisfied by the time and efforts one puts to make one happy. They need hugs and kisses when they suffer, they need cuddles when in menstrual pain.

Women need love from their partner, women need support from their partner, women want care from their partner.

Women want respect from their partner, women want loyalty from their partner. Women want their men beside them whenever in any problem. Women want their man to make them smile.

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