Read to know how singles are having a fun time during lockdown

LOCKDOWN Love Life: How Singles Are Happy Than Couples?

Well, if you look at news, all the couples are going over a tough time during the lockdown, all locked down at home and getting more and more distressed with their partners. Which is an obvious cause! Because the lockdown is bringing out those underlying faults in an individual, with no work, the idle brain is grasping everything in like an ugly ogre.

But any wonder, what singles are doing this lockdown, well, they have no one to argue with. So, they are happier than the mingled. With a loving pet, books and others they are enjoying their lives at fullest. Because singles do not fear of living alone, they are used to it, and if they are indulged into art, then there is no debate and they are just happy! Moreover, the lockdown is giving them the time to heal and empower themselves than any other, no stress, no fight with an external force, but all within the inner self.

But at the end of the day, what matters the most, that how you are letting go all of the toxicity that is leading you to stress. Because Adversities always comes with Introspection.

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