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Know more here, How Does Love Affect People's Behavior?

How Does Love Affect People’s Behavior?

We all know how love can affect a person! Some people have a bad effect, that is when they have had a bad experience in the past. There’s no denying that love can do anything to a person. Love makes us all smile for no reason. It makes us feel too happy. Just like this, love can make one go crazy.

It makes us call someone on repeat until they pick up the call and makes us rely on someone else for our own happiness. Love can force you to apologize to someone even if that isn’t your mistake. It makes you change yourself for others. Love changes the way we spend our free time, in general love makes us change our personality.

Many of you won’t believe, but love makes us feel many emotions at a single time. You become more addictive when you’re in love. You start taking more risks, that is something due to you’re addicted. You start over thinking at every point. When you are in love, you really can’t focus and your mind starts dancing around in circles. You get over-protective of your partner. Your behaviour at home changes. You get too happy even at small things.

Love can have physical effects too, like you start getting butterflies in your stomach, dilated pupils, quickened heart rate. Love changes your brain chemistry.

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