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Follow this Love Guru tips to impress a boy or a girl

Love Guru Tips To Impress A Boy Or A Girl

When we like someone we try to find different ways to impress them. We keep on looking for various ways to attract and impress them towards you. But sometimes it doesn’t work and you fail to impress them. While impressing the one we like, sometimes things go wrong and make us feel stressed. But don’t worry about it, impressing someone is not rocket science! You just need to take proper advice and tips from someone who is intelligent or from a Love Guru.

So here are some Love Guru tips to impress a boy-
1. No Bollywood Drama- Guys are serious when it comes to drama. A little drama is acceptable, but not always especially when you become his girlfriend.
2. Intelligence- A guy always looks up for a girl who is smart, a girl who is aware of what she is talking about or a girl who can teach him something. Guys are impressed by a girl who is intelligent as intelligence is something that guys love.
3. Overdoing anything- Boys like to keep away from drama. Don’t overdress yourself to impress a guy. Instead go for a simple outfit and dress with sophistication.

Love Guru tips to impress a girl-
1. Well-groomed- Be well dressed even brush your hair. Don’t go for saggy clothes in order to impress girls. Wear clean and attractive clothes. Don’t wear skinny neither too baggy clothes, instead wear a pair of outfits that fits you.
2. Show Respect- Show respect not only to girls but to everyone. A girl looks in a guy for respect towards her and everyone. Be kind to everyone. Talk politely.
3. Show interest in her- Whenever you talk to the girl you want to impress, show interest in her by asking her about her hobbies, interests, music, movies, places.
4. Be polite to her friends- Respect and be polite towards her friends. But be careful don’t be too friendly towards her friends as this may make her angry or feel hurt. Don’t even compliment her friends too much.

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