Here are some tips on How To Make A Girl Love You At First Sight?

How To Make A Girl Love You At First Sight?

When it comes to dating or talking to that someone special, one often finds themselves super nervous and clueless about what they shall approach a girl to make an outstanding impression on her. Well, we’ve put it in simple points for you to check it off and give your best shot at it. Here we go…

1. Appearance: Nope, we’re not talking about your skin colour or your body shape. By ‘appearance’ we mean the way you present yourself. Your way of clothing, the way you speak makes the majority of the impression on a girl, at first sight. Don’t be too simple to be noticed or too fancy, dress fashionably yet stark.
2. Communication: Be calm when you talk. Don’t speak everything that comes to your mind, put a filter, and think twice before you say something. One wrong phrase can ruin your image in her mind forever. Give a few compliments and do say ‘thank you’, ‘you’re welcome’ when the situation calls for it.
3. Be Gentle: Be punctual if there’s a time decided for a meeting. Treat her important when the occasion comes. Holding the door open, letting her lead the way on a lift or escalator may seem not much to you, but are big gestures of value for her.
4. Keep it short: Don’t be spending too much time and showing yourself as someone who’s easily available, when you value your time you will be valued. That will set you apart from everyone else in her circle.

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