Learn how to use humour to resolve conflict

Manage Conflict With Humour With Your Partner

Conflict is an inevitable part of life, and humour helps in resolving it in a healthy way, that leads to a stronger bond. Conflict is a part of any relationship and is not necessarily bad. Humour plays a vital role in all kinds of relationships. In established relationships, humour can keep things fresh & exciting.

Humour can also help overcome past disappointment, disagreement & the small aggravations.

How to manage conflict with humour:-

  1. Make sure both parties are involved in joke- Humour can only help you overcome conflict when both parties have a similar insight on joke.
  2. Never use humour to cover up other emotions- Laughter is a disguise for feelings of heart, fear, anger & disappointment, that you don’t want to feel or don’t know how to express.
  3. Develop a smart sense of humour- If you are comfortable, you could crack light-hearted jokes on yourself to ease the situation.
  4. Bring out your playful side – Play with animals, watch funny movies, dance around when alone, sing in the shower, read funny comics.

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