Vijayendra Kumeria reveals about his love life

Preeti’s expressive eyes are beautiful: Vijayendra Kumeria

Young and talented Vijayendra Kumeria was last seen as Dev Parekh the male lead in Naagin 4 is one of the most popular TV actors. Vijayendra and his wife Preeti Bhatia are one of the most loved TV couples.

The two make for a lovely pair and are totally smitten by each other. In a fun love and relationship segment, the actor revealed about his love life.

If you had to use just one word to describe your partner, what would it be? Sexy, beautiful or elegant?


Given a chance, what would be the one thing you would change about your partner?

Nothing, I don’t like to change anyone.

Which body part you like the most about your partner? 

Her expressive eyes, they are beautiful.

What was it about your partner that caught your attention when you met for the first time?

Her grooming.

Which song makes you think about your partner?

Still feels like, Bryan Adams.

Who is more annoying between you two?


Who initiated the first kiss amongst you two?


Candle Night Dinner or Stroll By The Beach?

Stroll by the beach.

What do you call your partner by – (Baby, Honey, Sweetie, Cutie)?


Who says sorry first?

Whoever is wrong says sorry first.

Most likely to forget something important?


One ‘happy in love’ success mantra?

Don’t sleep over a fight, sort it out and don’t drag it.

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