Relationship Stages which every couple goes through

Relationship Stages That Every Couple Goes Through!

Majority of the people has fallen in love at least once in life. But as you grow up, you realize that falling in love is easy but being in a relationship becomes quite challenging.

Every relationship has its own problems and not every relationship goes on till the end. Many of them are left in the middle.

Relationships have not always been that easy as they look like. Every couple in a relationship goes through these stages, as mentioned below-

  1. The merging state- This is the initial stage where everyone thinks that they found a perfect match. You seem to be compatible with the person and may sometimes ignore the red flags. In this case, take advice from your friend or someone you trust. Question frankly whether the opposite person in a perfect match for you or not.
  2. Denials and Doubts- In the state, we start to learn about the differences in ourselves and the person opposite to us. When the person opposite to us starts a different behaviour we find is hard to accept that this is the same person you thought out to be a perfect match and now has begun to annoy you.
  3. Disillusionment- When the doubts and denials get extreme, you sometimes start assuming that the end of your love path is near. At this stage the “I” starts re-emerging and the perfect “we” gets somewhere lost. At that time, you may face and also feel a lot of negativity. But you can surely clear the disagreement and disappointment which will bring your love life back on track.
  4. Decision- Sometimes even after being patient and trying to solve things we find it difficult to come through the phase and bring the relationship to a breaking point. At this phase, almost everyone goes through an emotional breakdown. When you face this problem, take advice from someone and if not possible work on your hobby or favourite things before going on talking about relationships.
  5. Wholehearted Love- This seems to be the best part of every relationship, when we are at the healthiest point of a relationship and grow our bond much stronger rather than breaking it up. You need to put a lot of efforts to come up to this stage.

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