Tips for being friendly and social

Are you shy? Tips for being more friendly and social

Jolly people are always excited to meet new people and like to appear more approachable to friends. Friendly people just start chatting to a person frankly, any time. Being friendly is about making new friends and to feel comfortable with new friends.

Here are some tips to be social:-

  1. Smile more: Smiling more doesn’t mean you have to give a huge grin to everyone you see.
  2. Having open body Language: Having open body language make people think you are approachable to have a talk.
  3. Kid yourself of distraction: Noticing everything that is going around is also another way of being friendlier.
  4. Make an eye contact: Make an eye contact even when you are saying ‘Hi’ to someone or talking to someone.

Being friendly with people helps you Mentally.

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