Here are some major facts about live-in relationship

Be Sure To Read These 5 Things About Live-In Relationship

A living arrangement in which the unmarried couple decides to share their living space in a long term relationship that resembles a marriage is termed as Live in Relationship.

The live-in relationship is a common pattern in the western world. People live together for many reasons.

Now the Indian government has agreed with this pattern of Live-in Relationship, as The Supreme Court stated that living together is a right to live.

A live-in relationship is very much flexible. Hence, it doesn’t demand a serious commitment from both sides.

Here are. some disadvantages of live-in relationship:-
1. People with live in relationships tend to be less satisfied with their marriages.
2. They are more likely to divorce.
3. There is a lack of commitment between the couples.
4. Takes charm out of marriages.
5. Women suffer most.

Biologically, emotionally and socially women suffer the worst if a live in Relationship fails to work. The Maa Ghara Foundation is fighting for women’s rights at the supreme court. We hope the Government shall take proper steps to safeguard Indian women’s rights and dignity and save the society from chaos was stated by Maa Ghara Foundation.

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