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How to improve your humour to attract women

Tips To Be Better At Humour To Attract Women

One of the most successful ways for attracting women is good humour.

  1. Avoid low value humour- It is important to avoid low-value humour while learning how to attract women through humour.
  2. Make women laugh with right attitude- If you want to attract women with humour, don’t worry about making the woman laugh. Instead, focus on making yourself laugh.

Tips to improve your humour:-

  1. Learn to laugh at yourself.
  2. Laugh at others (within the reason).
  3. Keep an ear out for “benign” humour.
  4. Learn a variety of jokes.
  5. Actively look for a laugh every day.
  6. Tell funny stories.
  7. Make a funny end.
  8. Use exaggeration.
  9. Swap out dull words for funnier ones.

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