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Follow these tips to find your Perfect partner during self isolation

Tips To Find Your Perfect Partner During Self-Isolation

In these weird times where we are forced to change our methods and customs of going through daily tasks, isolating oneself is now suddenly a way of life for many.

A few days into self isolation and we may come to that edge of sanity where we start questioning the existence of the universe. All for the reason that we have a lot of spare time and nothing to do or no one to be around with. Well, the following tips would solve your problem to a good extent.

1. Social Media: Yes, yes…. we know you already are accustomed with this and it isn’t enough to rid you of your loneliness, but hey… what if we tell you there are other ways you could put it to more positive and productive use. Join forums where they discuss ideas similar to your shower thoughts. Share your thoughts and ask for ideas and criticism in return. Social media is full of experts on any topic you can think of, they’ll keep you company forever.

2. Discover yourself: Why go looking for someone else when you’re your own solution. Try catching up with those pending questions or doubts you had about yourself. Write down your dreams and goals and evaluate how much of them are met and cast a plan to fulfill the remaining. There’s always a lot to solve within before you go searching outside.

3. Dating App: Although this gets covered under social media but it deserves it’s own mention because these apps can help you find an internet soul mate and if you’re lucky you might end up dating your future life partner. While the question is about isolation, video calls and late-night texting shall more than suffice.

4. Hobbies: A partner need not strictly be another individual, but could be something that helps you focus your energy in a positive way. Painting, writing, building stuff, carving, podcasting, editing videos and many more. Most of these could bring in some extra bucks if done properly. Some skills take you a long way ahead when they’re used properly.

5. Remember the old buddies: It’s not just you who’s facing this dilemma of feeling lonely, so go through the chats that have settled at the bottom of your chat list and check upon them. Let them know you think about them and are still good friends with them. This is a good way to raise both yours and their spirits.

Well, now that you’ve got a rough idea about the world inside and out to explore, go ahead and get started to dig through the mountain of loneliness and reach the freedom of having a partner.

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