Confused with Love and Attraction? Know the difference with the tips below

True Love OR Attraction: 8 Ways To Tell The Difference

If we talk about feelings, there is always attraction along with love. Attraction is first step towards love.

You might be attracted to a person but it doesn’t mean you’re in love with them.

Some ways to know the difference between Love and Attraction:-
1. If someone is in love with you they trust you, while someone who is attracted towards you they are jealous or possessive.

2. Love takes time to grow whereas attraction happens anytime of the day.

3. Love is pure while attraction can fade away

4. You love someone permanently even their faults and accept imperfections whereas attraction can make you fall either in love or lust.

5. Love is not a destination or task, it’s is a process while attraction is an intense but short-termed passion or admiration for someone.

6. When you’re in love you can feel the person in their presence as well as absence but in Attraction you just admire their personality.

7. Love is permanent, while Attraction is temporary love.

8. Love is deep affection while attraction is short-lived.

So, above are some differences that can help you know whether it’s Love or Attraction.

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