Try these Cute And Romantic Couples scrapbook ideas

Want To Make Scrapbook For Special Moments? 6 Cute And Romantic Couples Scrapbook Ideas Will Help You

There are various ways of holding on to memories of the years. Pictures are one of them, but for a couple, scrapbook has a different place for holding on to their memories together.

Have a glimpse through these unique ideas for a scrapbook:-

  1. A scrapbook with pictures is worth more than words. Your photographs together make the book cuter and make it look more adorable and special.
  2. Collect all your movie ticket, travel pass and stick them together and write down in short about each of the times.
  3. Take pictures of all the gifts you exchange and stick them throughout the book each on one page.
  4. If you are in a long distance relationship, take some screen snaps while on face time. Make a photo copy and stick it.
  5. Collect each other’s childhood and funny pictures and stick it in a heart shaped pattern.
  6. Make a 3D scrapbook of your favourite trips.

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