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Check out the fun conversation between Abhishek Bachchan and Ram Kamal

Abhishek Bachchan snaps back at Ram Kamal’s tweet: find out why

The concept of sponsored reviews and endorsements isn’t something new to the world of entertainment. However, as the audience would like to believe, the concept was primarily prevalent in the 70mm screen movies. But is the concept now prevalent in the OTT scenario now too? Well, screenwriter and TV columnist Aniruddha Guha certainly feels the same.

That’s the reason in a tweet, Aniruddha expressed his opinions on the sponsored reviewing culture. The tweet attracted a comment from filmmaker Ram Kamal who stressed on the fact that for ‘newcomer directors’ like him, the only way to stand out is to ‘plead’ to people to watch his films since the overall budget of his film would be almost equivalent to the promotional budget of an OTT giant.

It was seeing this ‘plead’ point of Ram Kamal did actor Abhishek Bachchan, who’s also a dear friend of Ram Kamal decided to step into the banter and be a part of the fun conversation.

That’s where Abhishek replied in his own cheeky style to Ram’s tweet saying –

“Ram you never needed to plead with me”…

Check out the entire fun conversation here below –

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