Who has a bigger fan following between Ajith Kumar and Salman Khan?

Ajith Kumar VS Salman Khan: Who Has More Fans?

The Indian film industry has seen some humongous superstars over the last few years who have successfully built themselves as cult personalities and if we have to take the names of two such male superstars who are simply poles ahead of their contemporaries in terms of superstardom and fan following, it has to be Salman Khan and Thala Ajith.

Both Salman Khan and Thala Ajith have earned a legion of fans for themselves all over the world and all they need to do to make a film work is to literally just be present. From larger-than-life roles as cops to having the ability to bash up 100 goons all at once at the same time together, Ajith and Salman Khan are masters at all.

Both of them enjoy a humongous fan following but readers, if we ask you as to who has a bigger fan following, whom would you pick and why?

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