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Check out Akshay Kumar's TOP 3 controversies in life.

Akshay Kumar’s TOP 3 Controversies That Will SIMPLY SHOCK YOU

Akshay Kumar aka Khiladi Kumar is possibly having the best time in his acting career at the moment and why not? He has been constantly delivering blockbusters one after the other and it seems like with every film that he does, he keeps getting better. Akshay’s known to have an amazing sense of humor and his disciplined lifestyle is one of the biggest reasons behind maximising his productivity as an actor. Over the last thirty years, fans have had some amazing moments with Akshay but in his career, he’s also had some shocking controversies that caught quite a bit of fire. So here’s taking a look at Akshay Kumar’s top 3 controversies:

Canadian Citizenship – Akshay Kumar has often been criticised by a section for not voting during elections and for having Canadian citizenship.

Rustom Costume Controversy – After the release of Rustom, Akshay had reportedly said that he will auction his Rustom ‘uniform’ to support animal welfare. He was heavily criticized on social media for saying so as fans felt how can a mere costume be called a Naval officer ‘uniform’

Fashion Show – In the year 2009, during a fashion show, Akshay Kumar’s wife Twinkle Khanna was spotted unbuttoning Akshay’s jeans as he was walking for a denim brand. Although most people took it sportingly and casually, media reports suggested that the Bombay HC had asked the police to prosecute then for apparent ‘obscenity’.

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