Angelina Jolie has to be one of the world’s most traveled women. She is frequently photographed in many settings, whether for her humanitarian efforts, her career, or simply a family vacation.

Angelina ensures that her adopted children, who are from different nations than their siblings, have the opportunity to reconnect with their homelands and expose the family to their birth countries. She tries to include all six of her children in her career and charitable endeavors, so they are just as well-traveled as their mother.

When Angelina Jolie traveled widely while married to Brad Pitt, she concentrated more on her job following their divorce as she helped her family heal from the turbulence of separation and divorce.

Angelina Jolie believes that travel broadens the mind, whether she is going in a luxurious aircraft or piloting a plane herself. According to The Travel, she travels to various places for a variety of reasons, including research for new projects. She devotes her time and energy to her charity, visiting refugee camps that would deter many celebrities. She enhances her children’s life by introducing them to new cultures and ensuring that there is always time for enjoyment, whether it’s water sports, movie excursions, or a vacation to the spa for herself.

1. Skiing in Crested Butte, Colorado

Angelina likes to take her family skiing in Crested Butte, Colorado, to enjoy the snowy peaks and après ski that this Colorado resort has to offer. According to SkiCB, it is a relatively serene location, several hours away from the nearest town or metropolis. The scenery is breathtaking, and the residents have developed a sense of community in this charming town. The skiing is fantastic, but there are lots of activities for the kids to enjoy, such as a climbing wall and mini-golf.

2. Amanpuri Resort, Thailand. 

This part of Thailand is ideal for those seeking pure natural beauty. Angelina has the option of experiencing that aspect of vacation anywhere in the globe, but she chooses Amanpuri for something more.

According to The Telegraph, the resort is noted for its attention to personal service, outstanding cuisine, and solitude provided by the employees, and the layout of pristine villas. It has every conceivable amenity, allowing Angelina to unwind and treat herself in between her rigorous work schedule.

3. Seychelles 

The seclusion of Seychelles attracts celebrities, and Angelina Jolie is no exception. According to The Guardian, she enjoys the remoteness of the north island, where she can be assured of a stress-free vacation. The luxury villas on the private island are outfitted in a sumptuous contemporary design. Of course, the environment is breathtaking, and there are numerous water-based activities for her children to enjoy. Angelina enjoys one property in particular, which provides access to the beach via a coconut grove, followed by all dip in a marble bathtub.

4. Alfajiri Villas, Kenya

Angelina Jolie, like many other celebrities, is drawn to the solitude of Seychelles. She prefers the solitude of the north island, according to The Guardian, where she can be assured of a stress-free vacation. The private island’s luxurious residences are furnished in a spectacular contemporary style. Of course, the scenery is stunning, and her children may participate in a variety of water-based activities. Angelina likes one house in particular since it has a coconut grove with access to the beach and a marble bathtub.

5. Paxos Greece 

Angelina also likes the Ionian island of Paxos, which is located in the Mediterranean Sea. With turquoise oceans, white cliffs, coved beaches, and a sunny environment, it has all you need for a lovely trip. Paxos are made up of two islands: one with olive orchards and the other with vineyards. Angelina Jolie visited the beautiful location at the same time as Hollywood star Keanu Reeves, according to Greece 10 Best, fueling allegations of a romance between the two.

6. Malta 

Angelina Jolie once filmed in Malta and took some time to see the places around. She travels with her children on location, and they must like the diversity of vacation destinations they visit.

The island is peppered with hidden coves, some of which are home to pirate caves, and it is bordered by clear, blue water. Malta is a famous tourist destination due to its peculiar light, rustic appeal, and natural beauty. According to The Independent, Angelina Jolie appears to have succumbed to its allure.