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The maternity style of Anushka Sharma is something the new brides will take inspiration from!

Best Of Anushka Sharma’s Maternity Style

Let’s get back to the 27th of August when it was a normal day for all of us but little did we know that there was news coming soon which would make the audience on the social media talk for a while. Yes, it was the first time Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli together announced that they are expecting a child and in January 2021 they will be three, how cute!

The picture of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma together was adorable, Anushka Sharma flaunted her baby bump and looked very happy. Also, Virat Kohli seems cool and is happy to be the future father. This picture below posted by Virat Kohli received more than 1 crore likes on his Instagram handle, it literally made us all shocked!

Talking of Anushka Sharma, she is a happy soul these days and is enjoying her maternity style as we can see on her Instagram handle. Her cute bump with lots of fashion attires is seen and she is loving it for sure. Before we have seen her in a polka dot dress and now, we see her in monokini all delighted and seeing the camera and smiling, check out!

This one will definitely make you love Anushka Sharma more than ever. Where do we get to see a lady who has good fashion sense and then to make the world seem like she is still the same as she was before? She is looking adorable and dopes too with the outfit on her.

Lastly, staring at your baby bump and seeking the presence of life and creation in you is more unique than anything in the world, not we but Anushka Sharma is saying it, look at her smile, damn!

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