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IWMBuzz brings to you cute moments between Prabhas and Anushka Shetty. Read the story for more details

Cute moments between Anushka Shetty and Prabhas

Anushka Shetty and Prabhas happen to be one of Tollywood’s most desired ‘On-Screen Jodi’. Anushka and Prabhas reportedly met for the first time on the sets of Mirchi in 2013 and since then, their chemistry kicked off and hit an all-time high.

The duo was spotted together on several occasions enjoying each other’s company and the fire in the chemistry was for all to see. Soon, people started speculating about them dating and it only continued to escalate further. In fact, there’s a scene in Mirchi where Prabhas is proposing Anushka and the energy is so positive that it will make you feel like a proposal for real. Today, we bring to you a compilation of all the cute & romantic moments between Anushka Shetty and Prabhas. Take a look –

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