IWMBuzz tells you how Junior B is making you revisit the sets of 2006 film Guru. Read the story for more details

Flashback Friday: Abhishek Bachchan makes you revisit the sets of ‘Guru’ with this beautiful post

There is arguably very little doubt about the fact that Abhishek Bachchan happens to be one of the most underrated yet amazing actors in our industry. The actor has given some credible performances in his filmography already and one of his all-time best movies has to be Mani Ratnam’s Guru where not only did he ace in his professional game but also in his love life because that’s where love between Abhi and Aish started brewing for the first time.

It’s almost been 14 years since Guru released and hence today as a Flashback Friday post, Junior B decided to post something and narrate a beautiful yet hilarious story of one particular scene from the movie. As the audience, we only see the final product but just like any other film which has its own hilarious stories, Guru was no different and today, Abhishek narrated to us in the best way possible that will certainly bring a smile on your faces when you read it. Check out below –

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#flashbackfriday On the sets of Guru in October 2006 in Madurai. Mani had decided to shoot the song Tere Bina ( my all time favourite) much after we had finished principle photography. If you look closely during the song I had long hair, which I had grown for my film Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. Since this shoot happened in the middle of JBJ's shoot (Shaad, the director of JBJ can never say no to Mani as he used to be Mani's assistant and considers him to be like family, hence adjusted his dates to enable this shoot) I just shaved my beard but obviously couldn't cut my hair. They used to pin up my hair during this shoot to look shorter and match the continuity look of Gurukant Desai. This photo was taken whilst I was seeing the playback of the now famous scene where Guru says the very famous dialogue " जब लोग तुम्हारे ख़िलाफ़ बोलने लगे, समझ लो तरक़्क़ी कर रहे हो।”. Mani, last minute decided to include this scene in the film. So we used to shoot all night for the song, sleep a couple of hours and then shoot this scene in the daytime in the patio of the hotel we were staying at in Madurai. I think it was the Taj. A fun fact. Also seen in this photo is one of my best friends Gaurav. Babu, as I fondly call him had come to visit me and Aishwarya during the shoot as he stays in Chennai. Just as we were about to begin the scene Mani decided he wanted to shoot this scene in OS ( over the shoulder) of the "minister". Since we didn't have an actor on hand, they ( Mani and @dirrajivmenon [also seen in this photo]) literally put a very reluctant Babu into the shot as he was on set watching the shoot and made him into the "minister". I don't think he will ever forgive us for doing that to him and has since never visited any shoot of mine! 😁

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