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Happy Birthday, Katrina Kaif

Dear Katrina,

We once were friends, very close. You spoke honestly with me. But then you began to feel I was more a journalist than a friend to you. And you were probably right.We drifted apart. We no longer speak to another. But I’ve never stopped wishing you well. Never stopped believing that if anyone deserves true love it’s you.

Unfortunately, you haven’t been lucky in love. Not if you count the number of times your heart has been broken.Two only. But it seems a lot more. The first man you loved(actually the second, I remember you telling me there was a man before you came into the film industry) was Salman Khan. He looked after you and the relationship evolved into something far beyond a conventional man-woman relationship. You couldn’t marry Salman because you looked up to him.

The second relationship was doomed to be a disaster. I was around when you began to lose your heart to this chap who is known to win hearts and shatter them. I tried to warn you. But like all the people in love, you were beyond reason. Instead, you tried to convince me that he was the right choice. I remember that evening when I called you and you handed over the phone to the love of your life. The conversation was stilted and suspicious. Your men never liked me.

When he broke your heart I felt your grief. You are a beautiful person with a heart of gold. You deserve to be loved more than all of us. You have a heart that wants to just give and give. I wish you would soon find someone worthy of you.You always felt I was rude to you. But I just didn’t want your heart to be broken.

Why do the most beautiful women fall for men who do not deserve them? I asked Zeenat Aman that once. I ask you the same question on your birthday.

Remain beautiful, Ms Kaif. It isn’t a quality that comes easily to anyone.

Your friend and well-wisher

Subhash K Jha

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