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What is Neha Kakkar and Sunny Leone's hilarious connection with Shinchan cartoon?

Neha Kakkar and Sunny Leone have a HILARIOUS connection with ‘Shinchan’ cartoon

Neha Kakkar and Sunny Leone are currently two of the most charismatic and popular personalities of Bollywood at the moment. While Neha is ruling the roost in the music space for quite some time from now, Sunny Leone is indefinitely hailed as Bollywood’s ‘hottest babe’ who can also act with her eyes.

Readers, both of them directly do not have a connection as so far, Neha hasn’t really sang for Sunny. But they actually have a common and a hilarious connection with a popular cartoon called Shinchan. Wondering what?

Well, it’s a very funny story. Earlier in 2019, the West Bengal Police had cracked an admission scam that was being operated in one of its districts and guess the three names that made it to the merit list there out of nowhere? The names were Sunny Leone, Neha Kakkar and Shinchan Nohara.

Ever since the news came out, netizens cracked themselves up with hilarious memes and even today, this is one of the funniest stories ever.

Well, quite an adorable connection Sunny and Neha have with Shinchan don’t they?

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