Akshay Kumar in a conversation with IWMBuzz talks about the Good Newwz, his success this year, box office and a lot more. Read the story to find out

I have not mastered the art of choosing the right script – Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar, aka Khiladi Kumar, truly makes everyone believe that ‘Age is just a number’. He still looks fit and good to do action movies like any other young actor. Add to that, his alacritous style of working, which separates him from the rest, as he is still the only actor to have 3-4 releases in a year on an average. Akshay is currently basking in the glory of his latest release, Good Newwz which is looking good to mint a lot of money after all the positive reviews. In a candid conversation with IWMBuzz, Akshay Kumar talks about Good Newwz, the performance of all his movies this year, box office, critical success and a lot more. Read to find out:


You are probably that one actor right now who has the most number of movies in the 100 crore club. How do you feel about that and whom would you want to give credit for the same?

It feels wonderful. Who wouldn’t feel wonderful about it? Credit I feel goes to my staff. The people who work with me and the people who work for me. Just like a building needs pillars to stand strong and steady, it is exactly the same. The credit without any doubt goes to them.

Akshay, regarding a particular scene where Kiara talks about trying to produce your own baby first and then adopt, it has been taken negatively by a section of critics. How do you look at it and would you like to say anything to them?

See, I keep repeating to myself time and again that every time you see us on screen, it’s not us but us playing a certain character. A character is supposed to be taken as a character and not the other way round. It’s Kiara’s character, not Kiara. My respect to those critics, but I would request them to please look at it as just a film.


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Your films have made more than 700 crores overall in a single year in 2019. That’s rare to almost never for any other actor. How do you do it?

Well, these figures obviously give you a lot of happiness. It’s always good to see that the films where you are putting in so much effort are working and are being appreciated by the audience. So yes, feels wonderful. I thank my fans and the audience for their love and support.

Akshay, after so many years in the industry, do you think you have mastered the art of choosing the right script?

No man. Never! (Grins) Nobody can ever master this. Things are always changing so quickly that it is so difficult to keep up with the pace. You need to be on your toes all the time. But then I have definitely not mastered the art of selecting the right script.

Lastly, Akshay, how much does critical acclaim and success matter to you?

Well, if I would be honest, it does, but only a little bit. For me, a very well-balanced film would be Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, which earned money as well as received critical acclaim. So it matters to me only a little and in a balanced way.

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