IWMBuzz tells you about the qualities Superstar Prabhas wants in his wife. Read the story for more details

REVEALED! Prabhas’ first crush and the qualities that he wants in his wife

Prabhas was last seen in magnum opus movie Saaho. The movie was loved by fans across the nation for its high octane action and larger than life storyline. But he gained national recognition and earned a legion of fans all at one go with just his first National release itself in the form of ‘Baahubali’. Since then, he has been the crush of millions of women all around the world, women who want to go on a date with him and probably marry him as well. But that’s like with every megastar right? Ever wondered what Prabhas wants in his life and what are the qualities he wants in his wife? Well, we are here to reveal it to you with the help of this video below. Check out –

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