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Salman Khan is Rohit Roy’s inspiration

Bollywood’s beloved Bhaijaan, Salman Khan, is not just an inspiration and reason for madness for general fans, but also for industry insiders. Even at the age of 50+, Bhaijaan keeps giving people new reasons to take inspiration from. Be it his magnanimous persona to his impeccable physique even at the age of 50+ to the superstardom that he has earned over years of hard work, Bhaijaan deserves all the love. One such person who’s also lovestruck and affected positively by the man is Rohit Roy, and he reveals in this post as to how. Take a look –

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After having known him since I was just a podgy little brat from Ahmedabad, a week back I saw him at work for the first time … and I came back inspired, enriched and a lot more humble.. and PATIENT! Undoubtedly, the most non fussy star I have ever seen or worked with .. went about his day in the most unassuming manner and lit up like a 1000 volts every single time the camera rolled… it was hot as hell with the sun beating down at 40 degrees but he never complained once! Never asked for an anaconda(it’s an AC vent on shoots) or a fan even.. packed up and we immediately went to work out.. we worked out intensely for about 45 mins post which my ass was grass but guess what, he rehearsed for an hour for his #dabangg tour!! Wait! That’s not all.. after allll this, he actually showered shaved and changed again into his dabangg costume to shoot a Halloween video for his good friend @realpz !! Finally at 10.30 he changed and joined us for dinner.. laughing and joking and STILL FULL OF BEANS!! That’s the real @beingsalmankhan !! Lots to learn and miles to go for all of us .. thank you Salman bhai for teaching me a few things every time we meet without even trying 🙏 love you 🤗🤗

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