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shay Kumar know for his brilliant choice in scripts has a crazy fan following. His powerful role of a Sardar in Kesari was an inspiration to all. He very well executed the role of a navy officer in the movie Rustom. How can we forget the time when he broke the taboo of periods with his movie padman. He has never failed to amuse us with his talents.

Things you never say to an Akshay Kumar fan

His fans are crazy about him and some of them even follow his dressing sense or diet or exercise plan. The fans don’t leave a chance to see him. But here are a few things you should not ask his fans.

1. Why does he always prefer to do a biopic? Well, they will reply saying no one else in the industry is as dedicated as he is, so beware.

2. He is so old he should probably quit acting. This is something a fan would not appreciate hearing. It will surely hurt them knowing that their favourite actor is soon going to retire.

3. He is not good at acting and sometimes is over about it. Well that not true most of his movies are a hit then think before you say this to them.

4. He has a poor fashion sense he should probably learn from some other actor. Well, he is a leader and not a follower so people follow him and his fashion. Those are the words fans will say.

5. He should not do the romantic movie it does not suit him. Akshay is an all-rounder and can do anything. He is married to twinkle Khanna who is a writer. She was also in Bollywood but failed terribly.

Some people troll Akshay fans for this too. It is not right to judge someone when you are not perfect. He has two kids and lives happily with his family. Remember not to troll any of the fans out there or they will be like “ don’t angry me “.

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