Sara Ali Khan in a talk with YouTube channel disagreed to what Janvhi Kapoor said in the event We The Women, read

This is what Sara Ali Khan has to say on Janvhi Kapoor’s statement ‘izzat abhi tak nahi mila’, read

Janvhi Kapoor while talking to Barkha Dutt in the event We The Women, asserted that she has got more to offer in the frontline and the forthcoming years. The actress also stated that while she does get an array of offers but she believes she has not gotten the ‘respect’ in terms of her artistry yet from the audience or the industry. HT quoted her saying, “Somewhere it comes down to the line that ‘mujhe mauke bohot mile hai, par izzat abhi tak nahi mila (I have gotten many offers but haven’t gotten respect)’ and I think that’s what I am working for, in my own eyes. It takes a lot to build perception and then break it,”

However, later Sara Ali Khan was asked about the same and drop her opinion about it, however, the actress who made her debut the same year as Janhvi Kapoor did, doesn’t agree to her. Sara, the Kedarnath actress believes that ‘respect’ has never been the problem for her. Also, she has never felt under respected either. However, the actress went on clarify Janhvi’s statement, saying that it could be that she wanted to say that one as an actor needs to prove oneself, and it where the work needs to be done.

Sara Ali Khan in chat with a YouTube channel, said, ‘I don’t feel under-respected at all. I think I’ve been given a lot of respect. I think for me, if you accept me for who I am, that’s the biggest sign of respect. And I think touch-wood I got that very early in my career.’ Sara further added, ‘Maybe what Janhvi could have meant, I don’t know..but maybe as actors one still has to prove themselves. But even then, whether it’s ‘Kedarnath’ or ‘Atrangi Re’, if I read the reviews I was given, I don’t think respect has been a problem for me.’ As quoted by ETimes.

Sara Ali Khan is currently busy with her upcoming movie Gaslight. The actress portrays the character Meesha in the role. The actress showcases a portrayal who has got a royal background. However, speaking about it and referring to the ‘royal background’ the actress asserted that how she doesn’t in real life cherish a ‘royal lifestyle’. She said, “I don’t know why people say that because I don’t come from royalty. I come from Juhu. And I don’t think anybody in the 21st century can really come from royalty. It’s anachronistic,” as quoted by DNA.