Sushmita Sen is one of the leading Bollywood actresses. The diva recently suffered a massive heart attack. The news of her heart attack left everyone shocked. The actress had revealed she had a 95 percent blockage in one of her arteries. But Sushmita assured everyone that she was on her road to recovery.

As per reports in India Today, Sushmita’s Aarya 3 co-star, Vikas Kumar, revealed how the actress suffered a heart attack after landing in Jaipur. In an interview with News18, Vikas said, “A major chunk of season 3 is done. The show is Rajasthan based. There are some outside scenes that we have to shoot in Jaipur. We landed there, but unfortunately, Sushmita Sen suffered a heart attack. We didn’t know at first about it. Ultimately, in a couple of days, we got to know, as she revealed it to the world.”

He further mentioned, “In the beginning, even she didn’t know what happened. Tests were done and all. She came to know about it later and then she told the world. That’s how we got to know. We just did one day of the shoot and then we realised that we can’t proceed. By then, it was obvious that it was not just a day or two affair, but we need to stop. So we stopped for a bit.”