Navya Naveli Nanda is no stranger to everyone, as she is probably the only ‘star kid’ who hasn’t received flak for being a star kid. That is also because she has somehow managed to have the best of both worlds which includes being a social media personality and appearing on several shows and programs but also linking herself to an array of causes and being vocal about them.

Her vodcast, “What The Hell Navya,” brings together three generations of the Bachchan family: Navya herself, her grandmother Jaya Bachchan, and her mother Shweta Bachchan Nanda. It has already made a huge impact, where excerpts from the vodcast have gone viral multiple times. In a recent interview with Zoom, Navya discussed the essence of her vodcast, where these three women delve into topics concerning women, society, and their family dynamics. She also shared her thoughts on the potential participation of other family members like her uncle Abhishek Bachchan, aunt Aishwarya Rai, or grandfather Amitabh Bachchan on the show.

When asked about inviting other Bachchans onto her vodcast, Navya expressed her hopes for a Season 3, where she could expand the guest list beyond family members. She envisioned inviting guests from diverse backgrounds, such as scientists, to explore their perspectives and experiences. Navya emphasized the value of learning from individuals outside their family circle, suggesting that conversations with people from different fields would enrich their understanding.Regarding potential guests, Navya mentioned her admiration for Deepti Sharma, a standout player for the UP Warriorz in the women’s IPL. She wanted to feature Sharma on her show to discuss her journey as an athlete, highlighting her impressive performance during the season.

In its essence, Navya’s vodcast has touted the aim to foster meaningful conversations across generations and diverse backgrounds, reflecting her enthusiasm for learning and sharing insights beyond the confines of her family’s legacy.