Would the latest Akshay Kumar starrer be the first purported blockbuster of the pandemic era to break the glass ceiling?According to sources AK’s Bachchan Pandey will be released on March 18 in both the theatres and on OTT.

The source informs, “Amazon Prime Video has paid a reported Rs 90 crores for the streaming rights of Bachchan Pandey. Amazon sees no logic or rationale in holding on to the streaming release in a favour of theatres when theatres in most of the states are likely to remain closed for the pandemic.”

However Akshay Kumar is keen to give movie theatres a headstart.

“Even of it is token headstart he wants Bachchan Pandey in cinemas in advance of its streaming premiere,” say the source.

Sajid Nadiawala ,Akshay’s neighbour and a close friend being the film’s producer, chances are Bachchan Pandey may get a headstart in movie theatres by maximum a week, though even that is doubtful.