Chandrayaan 2 gets support from Bollywood celebrities

Chandrayaan 2: Here’s how entire Bollywood stood tall to support ISRO

A few days ago, when ’Mission Mangal’ came out on the occasion of Independence Day, and we all celebrated the joy of India completing its first-ever mission to Mars on the first attempt itself, we all celebrated with joy to rejoice the remarkable achievement of ISRO. However, sadly, the reality isn’t always how it looks like. India had launched its Chandrayaan 2, which was supposed to land on the lunar surface. However, things looked doomed when ISRO lost all communication with its ‘Vikram Lander’ at 1.51am last night, when it was just 2.1 km away from the lunar surface. The entire country prayed alongside the Prime Minister, who was present at the ISRO headquarters today. However, nothing is permanent, neither success nor failure. It is in alignment with this thought that several Bollywood celebrities shared their support and tried their best to boost the morale of ISRO after the unfortunate failure. Check out the posts below –

Well, we are truly proud of our scientists and we sincerely hope that ISRO and our very efficient scientists become successful in their next attempt. For more such updates, stay tuned to

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