Iconic actor Dharmendra is very happy about his renewed association with the great filmmaker Bimal Roy’s family.

Dharmendra’s grandson Karan is now married to Bimal Roy’s granddaughter Drishti.

This makes Dharmendra very happy. “Very early in my career I had the privilege of being directed by Bimalda in one of his best works Bandini. Sadly he passed away soon after and I didn’t get the chance to work with him again.But there was so much that I learnt from working with Bimalda in just one film, although the film centred around the heroine’s character.The film had many memorable songs,but none of them was filmed on me.”

Dharmendra who later went on to do many memorable films with Bimal Roy’s erstwhile assistant Hrishikesh Mukherjee , recalls how he got the Bandini role. “It was actually Bimalda’s assistant Debu Sen who recommended me to Bimalda.When I went to meet him as a nervous newcomer he put me at ease by announcing I am doing Bandini.It is one of the life-changing moments of my career.”