Subhash K Jha speaks to R Madhavan

I Am Grateful To God & The Audience – R Madhavan

“In these times when biopics about gangsters and scamsters are getting audiences’ attention I am grateful that people made time to see a biopic on a scientist who gave his blood sweat and tears to make our nation proud,” says Madhavan as Rocketry, the bio-pic on Nambi Narayanan crosses boxoffice hurdles to become a boxoffice success.

“It’s seven years of penance finally paying off. I was repeatedly told to introduce songs and fights into Nambi Sir’s story. Can you imagine Nambi Sir singing and dancing and fighting? Sorry, I would have preferred to not make the film rather than dilute the story of a man who refused to buckle under pressure,” says Madhavan, vowing to never return to direction.

“No more direction for me. I was born to face the camera. I had to wear the director’s mantle because there was a story that I had to tell,” says Madhavan

Would he like to make a bio-pic on his own life?

“Are you kidding? What have I done that is so remarkable? Honestly we give too much attention to film actors in this country.We should make more film about unsung heroes,not the singing heroes on screen,” he reiterates.