The Jackie Shroff personality case has now gotten an update. The Delhi High Court has issued an order to prevent social media accounts, AI bots, and several e-commerce websites from pushing Shroff’s name, voice, or image without his consent.

It might sound tricky, but the report suggested how the court held his status as a celebrity and hence it grants him certain rights in context to his personality and all the attributes associated with him. Some defendants have used the aforementioned characteristics without permission hence infringing his personality and publicity rights.

The court also refused a direct takedown of a video that was titled, ‘Jackie Shroff is Savage, Jackie Shroff Thug Life’ posted on a YouTube channel. The court said, “More critically, it could set a precedent that stifles freedom of expression,” for the said video.

The court had also issued a notice to a restaurant named ‘Bhidu’ and others alleged to be infringing on Shroff’s personality rights and missing his persona.

This comes to light especially after recently actor Anil Kapoor took a similar route to safeguard his personality rights, more popularly his ‘jhakkas’ dialogue and so on.

When it comes to his workfront, Shroff was last seen as the lead in Mast Mein Rehne Ka and has an array of films lined up ahead in the form of Singham Again, Baby John, Baap, Tamil film, Quotation Gang and Malayalam film, Chila Nerangalil Chilar.