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Akshay Kumar clarifies how he liked the anti Jamia-Islamia post by mistake. Read the story to find out the scenario.

Jamia Islamia Row: Akshay Kumar clarifies his stand

Akshay Kumar is no new name when it comes to controversy and negative trends. Be it being questioned and trolled earlier for his Canadian passport to getting confronted for things like not taking a political stand, Khiladi Kumar has gone through it all.

The current situation of the country is really hostile over the CAA and CAB bill and the generic mood of the country is protest. The entire country stands united in going against the cops who attacked students of the university with fire shots and bombs. No sane Indian would be supporting the act but Akshay Kumar’s fate had controversy written for this as well. Due to this, he had mistakenly liked a post on Twitter which was in favour of the attacks against the students. This wasn’t taken down well by netizens as they slammed Akshay for his hypocrisy. Akshay realizing the heat of the situation took to Twitter today a while back to clarify his stand. Take a look –

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