Subhash K Jha talks about R Madhavan

Madhavan Not Targeting Anyone

Madhavan is baffled as to how his remarks on being focused on one film and one character are being linked to Akshay Kumar and the failure of Samrat Prithviraj.

What Madhavan said at a press meet is, “People have lost patience after Covid…The South hits like Pushpa have had their actors committed to the project from the first to last . Making films in 3-4 months is just not going to work.”

A large section of the media has connected Madhavan’s general remarks to Akshay Kumar and his alleged lack of deep-focus on the making of Samrat Prithviraj.

Madhavan is aghast. “I made no mention of any particular actor. I have no idea how much time and concentration Akshay Kumar has given to Samrat Prithviraj. All I know is that actors who worked in the pan-India blockbusters from the South like Baahubali, RRR, KGF and Pushpa surrendered themselves completely to their project for a year, or even two and three years. Their dedication shows and that’s why these film are such blockbusters.”

Speaking on his own experience directing and starring in the Nambi Narayannan bio-pic Madhavan says, “It didn’t matter to me how many years it took or how many other roles I lost to do this film. The important thing was to get it right. Playing a real-life character specially one as important as Nambi Narayanan Sir comes with a responsibility.”