Delocked star R Madhavan’s son Vedaant is a national swimming champion. He is now preparing for the Olympics 2026.

Sadly there are no Olympian pools in India for Vedaant to practice in. Madhavan and his wife Sarita are with Vedaant in Dubai.

“The larger swimming pools in Mumbai are either closed because of Covid or out of bounds.We are here with Vedaant in Dubai where he has access to large pools. He’s working towards the Olympics,and Sarita and I are right by his side,” says the proud father.

Didn’t Madhavan want his son to be an actor?

“Never! My wife Sarita and I went along with whatever our son wanted to do in his life. He’s been winning swimming championships all across the world and making us very proud,” says Madhavan.

His advice to star-parents? “Let your child fly freely . Don’t stop him or her from pursuing any career. I’ve no regrets about Vedaant choosing not to be an actor.His chosen vocation is far more important to me than my own career. I’ll do what it takes to take him where he wants to go in life.”