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Sanjay Dutt’s Action Scenes  With Akshay, Yash Modified

Call it a coincidence or divine intervention. But Sanjay Dutt who has just overcome a life-threatening health condition, was slated to return to shooting with elaborate action sequences in his two under-production films. No more so elaborate.

Both of Dutt’s under-production commitments Chandraprakash Dwiwedi’s Prthiviraj Chauhan and the Kannada superstar Yash ‘s KGF2 demanded strenuous action sequences from the lately-ailing actor. Both the action sequences have been modified, apparently at the behest of the film’s leading men.

KGF superstar Yash personally stepped in to modify the action sequence featuring Yash and Dutt.

Yash explained to me, “Mr Dutt’s health and comfort level are of primary importance. We were willing to wait for him to get well for as long as it would have taken. Now we will work according to his health requirements.”

For Prithviraj Chauhan also the strenuous outdoor sequences requiring horse riding and sword fencing have been put on hold.Baba’s health comes first.

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